Union Sight Glasses

The purpose of sight glass is to allow plant managers and engineers to look inside of their systems without disrupting the environment within. Mostly known as viewing glasses, they offer you a way to see the levels of liquids or gases that are traveling through a sticking point in your project, monitoring pressure changes and just about anything glass windows could let you do. With their widespread use, sight glasses have become essential for operations such as steam piping, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, and food processing.

Mostly simple in design, rudimentary sight glasses of the past consisted of a glass tube that was connected to an important part of your system, such as a gas tank or outlet. Modern industrial glasses are made with a glass disc that is held firmly by bolts and gaskets between two metal frames, to maintain the standards of sanitary fittings. The union sight glass that’s used is typically soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass, while SS is the go-to choice for the metal due to its superior strength and abrasion resistance, even with 304 Stainless Steel.

It is necessary that and the sight glass can withstand any material and fluid with which it comes into contact so that the glass does not tarnish or degrade, compromising the possibility of using it for system monitoring. Assuming it’s kept in good condition, using sight glass is as user-friendly as it is essential. When looking into a sight glass, the level of the fluid present against the glass represents the level of fluid that you have at that point in your system. The bubbles against the glass show you that you have a liquid / vapor mixture. If you are looking at clear glass while your system is running, it means you have a full liquid line (or a complete lack thereof). Patterned backplates or striped inserts make it easier to see fluid levels and control them against desired results.

Benefits of Union Sight Glass

  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Enables early detection and quick response to potential issues.
  • Reliable operation and more uptime.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Low maintenance requirements.


  • The main structure: nuts and clamp connections in two designs, with a circular transparent tempered glass.
  • It is used viewing the biologic reactor, blender in laboratory, fitter, processing container, pipeline, and another closed container. Especially apply in pharmacy, food and beverage processing, such as the brewery, dairy.
  • Dust scraping device mainly solves glass transparency decreases because of glass is immersed in the medium for a long time.

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