Sanitary Butterfly Valves

When it comes to the hygienic valves available for the food grade industry, the butterfly valve is a standout. This type of valve is designed to reduce the pressure drop and maintain sanitary connections on both the inside and outside of the valve. In addition, these valves are available in various seat materials and are available in three types of handles.

The Sanitary Butterfly Valves is a simple and compact device used in the sanitary industry. Its structure makes it easy to install and operate, and it’s designed to be easy to clean. Its smooth inside surface eliminates contamination risks, and it’s typically made from food-grade stainless steel.

A butterfly valve works by regulating the flow of fluid within a large pipe diameter. The valve is operated by a quarter-turn rotating disc, which has a rod feeding through the center. The rod connects to an actuator, which controls the disc’s position. The disc can be positioned either perpendicular or parallel to the flow of media. This unique design allows the valve to shut off or open incrementally, depending on the desired flow.

Sanitary Butterfly Valves Materials


  • Disc:316L stainless steel – mirror finish
  • Seats: EPDM, Viton, or Silicone

End Connections

  • Tri-Clamp (1/2″ to 6″)
  • Butt-Weld (1/2″ to 6″)
  • Larger sizes also available

Temperature Range:

  • up to 200°F
  • Pressure Range:
  • 110 PSIG (@ 200°F)
  • sizes:

Sanitary Butterfly Valves are available in three different styles. One type is called the rubber seated type, and it can tolerate pressure up to 250 PSI. Another type is called the double offset butterfly valve. The double offset butterfly valve has two offsets on its disc, which increases the durability of the seal.

sanitary butterfly valves

Sanitary Butterfly Valve are designed to be used in a variety of industries. Typically, these valves are used in pharmaceutical, food, and personal care applications. They can also be used in process and utility applications. The bodies of these valves are manufactured in a single set-up. Stainless steel sanitary butterfly valves have a trigger style handle and eight-position movement in 45-degree increments. They have a 316L stainless-steel body and are available with a threaded or flanged connection. Some designs come with a tri-clamp style or a double-clamp style.

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