SS IDF Union

SMS Unions are also known as Swedish Manufacturing Standard (SMS 1145). It is one of the hygienic fittings that have an attractive seal design. Besides, these SMS Unions offer a smooth and crevice-free internal bore. These unions consist of various parts such as a round slotted nut, weld liner, and weld male with an L style seal. These are the range of material types of SMS unions. 

Swedish standard union (SMS unions) incorporates a circular slotted nut and features a crevice-free flat section lipped seal. The compact structure is fit well for use on permanently fitted sections of pipework. Union forms connection and the fitting offers various advantages over other designs and allows the removal of pipework sections. There is no need to touch the adjacent sections for the removal of pipework. EPDM is the standard material for the seal. SMS unions are present in a size range between 1” to 4”. SMS unions are known for their round slotted nut and square section joint ring. These are most widely useful in hygienic fitting. Also, these SMS union enables the sections of pipework without disturbing the adjacent areas.

Uses of SMS unions

SMS unions are useful in versatile industrial sectors, including food and beverage plants, petrochemicals, refineries, cement, and construction. These unions are also helpful in the hydraulic pipe, chemical fertilizer pipes, and pneumatic joints. 

SMS Unions features

SMS Unions have various features, including optimum performance, low maintenance, and ultra-modern technology use. These unions are perfect for establishing connections and complex applications. Besides, these are available in various size ranges and prices as well. SMS Unions are of optimum quality and allows exceptional protection from extreme atmospheric conditions. These unions offer high performance and resist stress and strains. SMS Union uses various material grades including SS 304, 316, 316L / 1.4401, and 1.4301. The outer diameter of these unions varies from 1/4” O.D. to 8” O.D. 

SMS unions are durable products and easy to use. Besides, these unions’ high strength makes them suitable for extreme conditions having high pressure and temperature conditions. Also, these unions are resistant to a high corrosive environment. SMS unions are abrasion-resistant. 

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