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STILONN Valves & Controls Pvt Ltd is one of the well-known dealers and stockists of Sanitary butterfly Valve in Egypt. Hygienic butterfly Valve is a suitable choice in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnology, and dairy industries as they provide superior hygiene. These Valves do not require tools for operation or maintenance and have smooth areas that prevent bacterial growth and cross-contamination. They also provide tight shutoff in both directions with minimal noise during operation. Hygienic butterfly Valves are designed to minimize turbulence, eliminate potential surfaces of stagnation, reduce pressure drops across the valve, and ensure low velocity of product flow. This Valve can be used in many uses such as controlling water flow from tanks or presses to production lines; containing fluid flow from batching systems to process tools; diverting fluids between separate storage tanks; regulating the flow of slurries; controlling the flow of material in powder/bulk handling systems; and regulating the flow of hot or cold liquids from water heaters, chillers, pumps, etc.

Hygienic butterfly Valves are easy to install, maintain, and inspect. They can be used with different materials such as ss and other corrosion-resistant alloys. They offer great flexibility in terms of controlling pressure and flow rate. Additionally, they are cost-effective and reliable even under harsh operating conditions. Sanitary Butterfly Valves also supply reproducible performance over many years, making them an ideal choice for use in food processing environments where hygiene is paramount. They’re excellent sealing properties ensure that product contamination is prevented without compromising production adaptability. Their easy installation and operation make them the go-to choice for food safety uses. Hygienic Butterfly Valve is an ideal choice for buildings in which hygiene is paramount due to their superior performance, ease of installation and maintenance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

SS Sanitary Butterfly Valve Features In Egypt

GMP compliant design Flexible interchangeable system is adaptable to multiple powder handling equipment 316L SS contact parts provides Superior corrosion resistance. Reduces risk of contamination. Long service life

Dimensions of Sanitary Butterfly Valves In Egypt

butterfly valve wireframe dimension
1″ 25 65 85 4 6.35 28 Depends on Actuator brand
1.5″ 38 74 95 4 6.35 28
2″ 50 97 118 4 7.9 28
2.5″ 63 105 127 4 7.9 28
3″ 76 128 148 4 7.9 28
4″ 101 142 160 4 7.9 30
5″ 127 175 200 6 9.5 30
6″ 152 203 225 6 9.5 30
8″ 203 264 285 6 9.5 30
10″ 254 298 335 6 11 30
12″ 304 360 385 8 14.5 35
13″ 330 385 420 8 14.5 35
14″ 355 415 440 8 14.5 35
16″ 406 460 490 10 17.5 35
18″ 457 508 540 10 17.5 35
20″ 508 565 600 12 17.5 50
22″ 558 625 675 12 17.5 50

Ready Stock of Hygienic Butterfly Valve In Egypt

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