Uses of SMS Union

What is SMS Union?

Swedish Manufacturing Standard is another name for SMS Unions (SMS 1145). It is considered to be one of the hygienic fittings with a lovely seal pattern. Additionally, these SMS Unions provide an internal bore that is crevice-free and smooth. These unions are made up of several components, including a welding liner, a round slotted nut, and a welded male with an L-shaped seal.

Uses of SMS Union

Swedish standard unions (SMS unions) have a flat section-lipped seal with no crevices and a circular slotted nut. The small design is ideally suited for usage with permanently installed pipeline sections. The fitting, which uses a union to make a connection, has several advantages over other designs and enables the removal of pipe segments. For the removal of the piping, the neighboring parts do not need to be touched. The seal’s standard material is EPDM. There are SMS unions in sizes ranging from 1″ to 4″. SMS unions are distinguished by their square section joint ring and round slotted nut.

The most common application for these is in sanitary fitting. Additionally, these SMS unions permit the piping segments without disturbing the nearby surroundings. SMS unions are helpful in a variety of industrial sectors, including petrochemical, cement, and construction facilities, food and beverage factories, and refineries. Adding to that they are useful are these unions in pneumatic couplings, chemical fertilizer pipes, and hydraulic pipes.

Features of SMS Union

SMS Unions have many advantages, including superior performance, low maintenance requirements, and the utilization of cutting-edge technology. These unions are ideal for connecting and developing sophisticated applications. Additionally, these come in a variety of pricing points and size ranges. The highest quality SMS Unions offer outstanding protection from erratic atmospheric conditions. These unions are very effective and resilient to pressure. The material grades used by SMS Union include SS 304, 316, 316L/1.4401, and 1.4301. These unions’ exterior diameters range from 1/4″ O.D. to 8″ O.D.

SMS unions are reliable and simple to use products. Additionally, the exceptional strength of these unions makes them suited for harsh environments with high pressure and temperature conditions. These unions can withstand environments with high levels of corrosion. SMS unions are resistant to abrasion.

Components and Uses of SMS Union

Similar to DIN 11851 unions, SMS (Swedish Manufacturing Standard) unions include four components and a round swivel nut.

The female part of this particular type of union is the “Flat face”.

The male part of this union is known to be “turned up the seal”

The seal is in the form of a Square shape

Working pressure has been witnessed to be 6 bar (87 PSI)

Applicable in various industries some of which comprise dairy, breweries, cosmetics, chemicals, food, beverages, pharmacies, and biotechnology

There are two tube standards available: BS 4825 and ISO 2037.

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